Upcoming Meeting/Speaker25 August 2014

Marta Echavarria, Founder of EcoDecision

Marta Echavarria, Founder of EcoDecision

As founder of EcoDecision, a social enterprise aimed at protecting natural landscapes in the Andes, Marta Echavarria strives to change the way the formal economy values nature.

Marta works with a wide range of private and public organizations, and she has more than 20 years of experience designing, negotiating, and developing financial and institutional mechanisms for environmental management and watershed conservation in Colombia, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Peru. She has received international recognition for her work and participates in the governing bodies of several conservation organizations.

She is now living in Bali for 6 months with her family, where she wants to learn about Balinese culture and the world renowned Subak water management system.  With her husband, she has just launched an online business-to-business platform for sustainable forest and farm products called CanopyBridge.com. They want to promote this online marketplace in SE Asia and engage with communities that produce sustainable natural products in Indonesia and elsewhere in the region.

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