Upcoming Meeting/Speaker29 September 2014

Jen Richardson in Aceh, 2014

Jen Richardson in Aceh, 2014

Jen Richardson: What We Can Do About Dengue

Jen Richardson is an Aussie ex-pat who has lived in Ubud for more than 8 years and been visiting for 25 years.

She is a writer, leadership trainer and teacher. More than 3 years ago she did an Australian government volunteer placement with Bumi Sehat, and on their behalf helped create a Youth Centre in Samatiga Aceh for children – now teens and young adults – who were orphaned by the tsunami.

Her passion for helping people in crises took her to the Philippines at the end of last year, to help in Tacloban Leyte. After a few days visiting Bumi Sehat’s latest emergency birthing clinic further down the island, she arrived in Tacloban City with just one name. Sir Joel Caminade, the president of Tacloban Rotary Club.

Jen spent two months in the Philippines, teaching English, designing a training program for local media, and – ironically – helping Rotary by running a train-the-trainer program for local community officials, to eradicate the dengue mosquito larvae. Ironic, because then she spent five months back in Australia, recovering from Dengue herself.

Jen’s back in Bali now, newly returned from a visit to her friends in Samatiga Aceh, and keen to tell Rotary here about the extraordinary work their colleagues are doing in Tacloban – and persuading us to get involved in a similar dengue-larvacide campaign here in Ubud.

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