Photo GalleryTemukus Water Project

Bringing water to villages in the dry north and northeast of Bali.  

Many of these villages have NO access to water.  None for drinking.  None for hygiene.  None for raising crops. Etc.  Usually villagers must walk 3-4 hours everyday to bring even just drinking water to the people in their village.  With these successful projects they have a healthy amount of drinking water and water for other things they need.

How we do it:  because one of our members, Rich Foss, has been doing this in the area for so long he knows what villages need water and which our club can help.

  1. We meet with the village elders and describe what we want to do with their help.
  2. They agree of the need and ensure us that their village will provide the manpower to accomplish what needs doing
  3. We purchase the materials needed. Pumps, piping, cement, holding tanks, etc. from contributions we raise and from Rotary Grants
  4. We set the date for the work to begin
  5. The materials are delivered to the closest possible point but usually pretty far from where they are needed
  6. Villagers supply the back breaking carrying power needed to deliver the material where it will actually be used
  7. Construction begins.  Sometimes taking several days or longer to complete.
  8. A Blessing Ceremony takes place
  9. The water is turned on for all to use!!!
  10. Many happy faces.

What some people miss is the synergy of the project.  Yes, they now have water.  But, in addition, the villagers can now all stay in their village instead of being away to bring water.  This means that doctors can now come to a village see all the residents at one time.  Plus, the villagers can now put together projects to produce items that can raise money for their village.


It is WIN, WIN, WIN!


  • Rich does reconnaissance up the hill.....
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