Long Sam Project

LONG SAM is a term from the Dayak world and refers to an area in East Kalimantan near the Kelay River. This area is divided into:

  • Wehea with 22,000 hectares
  • Lesan with 13,000 hectares
  • the Animal Rescue Center.

To access the Lesan Camp or the Animal Rescue Center, one must travel by boat on the Kalay River. The boat leaves from Merasa village.

There are 6 rangers working in Wehea, and currently 2 in Lesan. The rangers conduct patrols, report on the status of the area, and add their assessments of any problems they may encounter. The highest protection status for Long Sam has been given by the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry.  This status provides security from intrusion by unauthorized entities such as those who would poach animals or destroy forest land.

Long Sam is planning to add another area, Meroqu, an area of 53,000 hectares. Following this addition, it will then be possible to connect of the individual areas. This connection will be facilitated by a study done by the University of Samarinda which has been a strong partner in the past. For example, it is a study done by the University which calculated that there were 65 Orangutans living in the Lesan area. These calculations are based on scientific formulas which use empirical knowledge.

Long Sam’s hectares biggest financial challenges are the ongoing costs including maintenance of the infrastructure and the salaries of the rangers. Therefore, Long Sam plans to generate sustainable sales which include the

  • Production and sale of chocolate from cultivated cocoa
  • Extraction and sale of honey
  • Carefully controlled eco-tourism.

The Long Sam mission is to:

  • Protect the forest from deforestation and include a reforestation program
  • Prevent the release of CO2, an important goal because1 hectare of forest binds approximately 200 tons CO2
  • Rescue of all animal species from abuse, injury, and illness, including gibbons, sun bears, orangutans, sea eagles and hornbills, among many others
  • Assist Dayak villages in strengthening their own economic sectors such as the production and sale of honey and chocolate along with manufacture and sale of jewelry that is handcrafted locally.

Rotary Bali Ubud Sunset [RCBUS] and its individual members help support Long Sam. Furthermore, there are other NGOs in Indonesia and Germany that contribute largely to Long Sam’s financial needs. For example, RCBUS financed the medicine for the rescue center in 2022. The Yayasan (Foundation) Hutan Masa Depan is the legal NGO of Long Sam. Next year, RCBUS hope to apply for a Rotary International Global Grant.