Bulletin May 10th 2021


Rotary club Ubud sunset 

Pulaski restaurant jalan Bisma no 3 

Ubud Gianyar 

May 11 2021



Kartika Dewi,  Brian Goldman, Marion Hook 

Sue Bishop, Kadek Erwan

Hans Schmidt, Abe Satria



Burgdit Schmidt,   Rohan’s and Ni Luh Putu Nita Wahani( Davi) previous RYLA participant


Tika opened the meeting with The four way test 


Rohani will introduce  herself  members all encourage her to consider membership 


Hans discussed the June 19 workshop  Taro 

Wants everyone to  study the agenda and come with prepared suggestions 


Hans wants electricity projects and lcd  to be Provided 

Also  we agreed for Rohani and Dewi be invited


Hand spoke anole a fundraising idea from Cologne 

Cologne club has produced Gamelan music and propose on line events that can be 

For viewing each person May pay an entrance fee


Next month cologne e club plan to discuss online marketing 

Agenda to follow 


Update the web page all members please send Current photo 


Hans and Marion went to Handara to investigate the possibly for a golf day To fund raise 

They agreed that the venue was great and the venue very cooperative 

And prepared to take care of the small details 

Rooms available  bbq package theNight before 

It was agreed by the club  sept 24/25  tentative date 


Sponsors required all members must participate in acquiring raffles and sponsors 

A suggested list of contacts will be sent to all members 

Hans and Marion to return on June 5/6 

To work out details and costings 


Internal goal of 50 million rupiah 


Sewing for living  received 500 usd 

And bought fabric at ikat market 

For 7 million


Website updates to be done by Bojig 

100,000 per update  

200,000 allotted for monthly updates 


A discussion was entered in to how to develop the local rotaract club 

They will be encouraged to bring their friends and join in to RCBUS


Raffles taken over by Kadek 

Raffle prizes won by Tika 


Next meeting
May 31 warong Legong 6 pm