RCBUS Collaborates With the John Fawcett Foundation [JFF]

RCBUS Collaborates in the John Fawcett Foundation [JFF]’s Sight Restoration and Blindness
Prevention Project.


During each program, people with eye problems are checked by our screening team. Those who
can be assisted with glasses to correct their vision are fitted with glasses, and others receive
treatment for eye infections to prevent more serious conditions developing. During the screening
process, people who are blind with cataracts are identified and operated on the same day in JFF’s
mobile eye clinic which accompanies the team to the village. The day following surgery, patients
return for a post-op check.
The team also visited a village school to check the eyes of the students and teachers, issue glasses
if needed, and treat eye infections.


• 464 people with eye problems were checked, including 254 school children
• 172 were given glasses to correct vision problems
• 96 were treated for eye infections
• 3 were identified cataract blind and received sight-restoring operations.