Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset Partners with Kasih Ibu Hospital to Provide Clean Water for Desa Central Seraya

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset Partners with Kasih Ibu Hospital to Provide Clean Water for Desa Central Seraya

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset [RCBUS] partnered with Kasih Ibu Hospital to provide clean water for the residents of Desa Central Seraya in Karangasem Regency. On Wednesday, June 23, 2022, the Regent of Karagasem I Gede Dana, accompanied by health officials,  social officials; the head of BPBD, and the head of the Karangasem District, met with the Director of Kasih Ibu Saba. Kasih Ibu Saba will celebrate its 6th anniversary on AUGUST 6, 2022.  To help commemorate that event, Kasih Ibu Saba agreed to donate twenty-two water tanks to one of RCBUS’ water projects.  Those 22 water tanks were presented to Desa Central Seraya on Saturday, June 25, 2022.  The festivities surrounding the donation included a Healthy Day program with free medical diagnosis and treatment along with social services for the members of the Desa Central Seraya community. The Healthy Days was staffed by experts from Kasih Ibu Hospital.  They included 3 general practitioners, an internist; an ear, nose and throat specialist; a pediatrician; and an optometrist. Approximately 200 people from Seraya Village received medical evaluation and treatment at no charge during the Healthy Day activities.

Representatives and volunteers from Kasih Ibu Hospital included CEO PT. MNJ from Kasih Ibu Hospital Group, Mr. Krishnawenda Duarsa and family, and members of the Board of Directors along with the Director of Kasih Ibu Saba, Dr. Made Ary Puspitasari. Attending from the local government were the Regent (Bupati) of Karangasem, Bpk. I Gede Dana and his staff.  RCBUS was represented by Club President Hans Schmid, Past President Kartika Dewi, and Treasurer Brian Goldman.

This clean water project was also supported by Rotary Club of Seaford in Australia which provided funding for 6 water tanks. RCBUS provided 7 water tanks.  In total 35 water tanks were installed in family homes in Desa Central Seraya. This will allow 35 families to harvest clean water at their homes, eliminating a walk to a clean water source which can sometimes take up to two and a half hours one way.  Diarrhea caused by contaminated water supplies remains a major health risk in East Bali.

Programs like this are also supported by funds raised during RCBUS’ annual fundraiser, Bogies for Bali, a charity golf tournament held at Handara Golf & Resort Bali.  Both Kasih Ibu Hospital and UNIQUE Outdoor Living, a store in Kerobokan that can help you turn your outdoor space into comfortable, attractive living space, are sponsors for this year’s Bogies for Bali charity golf tournament. So please mark 10 September 2022 on your calendars.  That’s the date of the 2nd annual RCBUS Bogies for Bali charity golf tournament held at one of the top golf courses in the world, Handara Golf & Resort Bali in Bedugul.  Proceeds from this year’s charity golf tournament will support three RCBUS program: water projects in Bali and Lombok, Sewing for Living, and the Long Sam Environmental Program.  It includes a BBQ, chipping contest, and an awards ceremony. Sponsors and players have already started to sign up.  Don’t wait to reserve your place! Phone +62 361 288 944.

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