Sponsoring bamboos curtains to Rumah Belajar Sadewa

Sponsoring bamboos curtains to Rumah Belajar Sadewa, Desa Tambahan Tengah, Kecamatan Tembuku, Bangli.

Rumah Belajar Sadewa is a learning center founding by Dewa Widi who interest in education for kids, he open his house for the kids who want to learning computer and English, and Digital Art. For the beginning he bought 2 set of second hand computers,  but not longer the computer is broken so now he only teach the kids English and art painting. He met few friends who loves to donate books for the kids so while waiting for its turn the kids can read the books. He open the learning center every Saturday and Sunday start at 1 PM until 6 PM because at the working day he must go for working too. For now he has 54 kids from grade 1 to 6 elementary school. Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset sponsoring 3 pieces of bamboo curtain to cover the side of the house for study to keep away the water from raining and the sunshine while the hot day. Wish the kids can learning well for now, no more water from raining and no more hot sunshine.