Wehea and Yayasan Hutan Masa Depan

The WEHEA project works in East Kalimantan to eradicate the devastation of the Wehea National Forest along with its wildlife and the culture of the Dayak people who reside there.

Wehea and the yayasan support animals, local humans (Dajak) and the rainforest

Goals of the Wehea project are preservation of tropical rainforest, no release of CO2 and protection of their animal and human inhabitants (Dajaks).

Today 6 Ranger stay there and take care on the whole area, doing permanently patrol.

Wehea area covers around 22,500 ha rainforest with the highest Indonesian protection status given by the forest ministry. 240 ha of CO2 are bound in 1 ha of primary rainforest. If destroyed 1 ha rainforest releases 450 tons of CO2. Wehea cover 36 different kinds of trees.

Wehea is used as a release area of rescued animals. The release area is close near Merasa village at the kelay river. This area belongs to the yayasan. Wehea cover around 500 Orangutan, 132 species of birds, 102 species of insects, 36 species of reptiles and 17 species of fish.

If financially possible the area of protected rain forest can be expanded by around 33,000 ha up to 50,000 ha.

Currently around 175,000,000 IDR are necessary to repair and maintain Wehea infrastructure including the road.

The yearly needed budget is around 680,000,000 IDR. It will be covered mainly by Fans for Natur and Eco-tourism (after pandemic).

Current Supporters and Partner

Hannes Jaenicke: well-known international German actor and climate activist
Ledjie Taq: Head of Wehea Dayak
Community. Spoken at the 2015 World Climate Conference in Paris for the preservation of Wehea
Hardi Baktiantoro: Founder of Centre of Orangutan Protection Borneo (COP)
Linus: Project manager at Wehea and leading ing person from Conversation Action Network Borneo
Fans for Nature e.V. (Germany) Founded Wehea and built the relationship in Indonesia at Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset support the goals and Will fund the activities of Wehea and the Yayasan Hutan masa depan