Welcome from the President

Welcome all to Rotary Club of Bali Ubud Sunset

I am German, 65 years old, retired and living in Bali for a couple of years. I love the wonderful Indonesian island and people.

We (RCBUS) are a small but active club with a lot of activities and interesting projects.In 2020 we had based on the worldwide pandemic fewer activities in comparison to the years before but now we are back as people of action.

We have established a formal partnership with a Rotary Club in Germany and are well supported from a club in USA andseveral in Australia. That is one success factor for our projects as a small club.

RCBUS has great members – locals and expats in a good mixture – and we are on the way to grow. If you are interested to meet them and support our projects please let us know. You can attend one or more of our meetings to see what a welcoming group we are. RCBUS is always open for new ideas and your feedback to us. This makes us more successful.

Our main projects are:

Clinic Project

RCBUS helps a local regional charity (Bali Sehat) to provide basic medical services to communities in East Bali. The outpatient part has opened June 2021, the inpatient centre will open early 2022.

Water Project

Since almost two decades RCBUS has been involved in water projects in East Bali. RCBUS helps to develop a solution to inaccessible water supplies with a design and scope for a water system that will bring spring water directly to the villagers. One system provides up to 400 families. RCBUS is about to launch a water harvesting educational program for any who is interestedin lowcost methods of saving rainwater.

Sewing for Living Project

RCBUS is teaching local women to sew and crochet. It is important for local women to make their own money, not only for themselves, but to enable each of them to support her entire family.

Environmental project in Kalimantan

Goals of the project in Kalimantan are preservation of tropical rain forest, reduction exchange of CO2 and protection of the habitat for their humans and animals. One focus is protection the remaining Orang Utang.

Education Project

A mobile library, managed by Rotaract, is a RCBUS project initiative where RCBUS assists with funding boxes of new books for the library along with paper and pencils for under-equipped schools.

We also try to support the district projects. This Rotary year will include the installation of 5000 toilets in the district 3420.

For more and detailed information have a look to this website and follow us on the social media. Come and join us during our meetings. This wonderful country needs your support.

Hans Joachim Schmid

President:Rotary Club Ubud Sunset Year 2021 – 2022

We are open to and welcome your ideas, your input, and even any critical comments, all of which help build our club and make it stronger and better. Your support can come in many ways, our members and friends actively get involved with projects, financial support, administration, raising awareness especially internationally, and in any way they feel comfortable.

On this website, we list information about our projects and activities, upcoming meetings and events, also how you can contribute even to just coming to our meeting.  So look around and bring questions or comments.

Please come to our meetings and projects, guests are always welcome,

You can also follow us on

Our Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/RotaryClubUbud/

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Our Twitter page: https://twitter.com/RotaryClubUbud

The Balinese need your help!

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